Monday, August 12, 2013

The artists of Hill End are opening their studio doors.


O P E N   S T U D I O   D  A Y

Sunday 22nd September

Pack the car,
 pack the kids
and come to the
Historic Arts Precinct at Hill End.
Central Tablelands NSW,
to kick of Spring in the best possible way,
the artists of Hill End are opening up their very special private studios. 

10 Beautiful creative studios of
10 beautiful creative artists 
open the doors to the public.


How much?

$35.oo entry day pass
$25.oo concession and BRAGS members
Big plus is that
Children under the age of 12 are free entry.

Is there entertainment?

Yes of course, we wouldn't let a day go by in Hill End without some sort of entertainment!
Lunchtime String Trio from 
the Mitchell Conservatorium of Bathurst
will play in the park opposite the Royal Hall.
12.00 -1.00 pm 

R a f f l e
An exciting opportunity to own
a Luke Sciberras artwork.
Luke Sciberras has kindly donated an artwork
to the value of
A beautiful gouache and pastel drawing of Golden Gully Hill End.
40cm x 50cm
Raffle tickets will be selling at the Progress Hall. 

Is there anymore?

Did we mention there's more,
14 artists will celebrate the day with an
 exhibition opening called From the Studio 2013 at 4.00 pm 
at the Jean Bellette Gallery
(on top of the hill at the old hospital or now known as
the Office of Environment and heritage.)
Light refreshments will be served. 
Come by and meet more artists.

How do we get a ticket?
 Just pop in and you can buy a ticket at
9.00am onwards at the Royal Hall, right next to our
one and only fab pub The Royal Hotel.
Studio's close at 3.30 pm.

Can I buy yummy morsels to eat?

 Yes  yes  yes
The Royal Hotel
Hosies for very yummy cakes and goodies
The General Store
or bring a picnic, plenty of terrific places to 
lay down that check nanna rug.

Who's opening their studios? 
Lino Alvarez
LaPaloma Pottery

Mark Booth - Sculptor

(Bill Moseley & Genevieve Carroll)




Rebecca Wilson


National Art School Darlinghurst
 has a residency program here in the old butchers shop.
Artist in residence is Brooke Thompson. 

Haefligers Cottage
 part of the Bathurst Regional Arts Gallery Residency Program,
 Helen Earl is artist in residence.
(See where artists Jean Bellette took her holidays and had
John Olsen and Brett Whiteley visit to name a few)

Murrays Cottage 
is Donald Friends and Margaret Olley's old abode and is now
part of the Bathurst Regional Arts Gallery Residency Program,
artist Kath Fries is in residence.
For applications for the residency program
go to

Who's exhibiting
at the Jean Bellette Gallery?
A very good lineup indeedy!

Mark Booth

Michael Ramsden

Luke Sciberras

Maggy Todd

Rosemary Valadon

Rebecca Wilson

Glenn Woodley

Ana Young

Why do we do all this?

Well... it's because we have a unique Catholic Church on the hill which sits proudly looking out to Bald Hill and it's magic when the sun is setting here. So the artists thought  
one day how it
would be terrific to raise money through grants and support from 
the Office of Environment and Heritage 
to pitch together and bring her back to her glorious looks and 
set it up as a contemporary art space 
for the community and invited artists.

This is our 3rd time event and in that time we achieved a
 $65,000 grant that we have just about used up with all
our proposed works being completed. Which include a  very cute
new building at the back of the church which will house the kitchen
and toilets.

There is a small amount of funds left and with this is the work to be
done on a disabled toilet.

Next for a submission to Bathurst Regional Council for Not for Profit Organisations
for Disabled Access grant.
 max $5,000 to be met $ for $.

The outcome & goal
Is to be able to open the 
doors to the public
with an arts event
 Easter 2014.

How do we get there?
Hill End
Central West Tablelands
in between Bathurst and Mudgee

big  t h a n k y o u

 Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
Luke Sciberras for his donation of artwork
 Office of Environment & Heritage
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
The volunteers
Bathurst Regional Council
Hill End Arts Council members
and you the artistically curious and enthused paying
guests that help support us
 on our Open Studio Day.


Also coming up is the Historic Buildings Open Day
13th October 
Up to 10 historic buildings 
will be open
Admission is $25.00 and $18.00 concession
Tickets available at the
Royal Hall
from 9.30 a.m. on the day.


R O S E M A R Y   V A L A D O N

Rosemary Valadon will be opening her studio to the public for the first time.
She has just finished an outstanding seven months of her exhibition 
'Wicked Women' at the Justice & Police Museum, Sydney. 
All the paintings in this show were carrried out at her Hill End studio.

Rosemary is a multi-award winning Australian artist. She is represented in 
major public collections including BHP Billiton, National Portrait Gallery,
Uniting Church, Macquarie University Gallery, 
Bathurst and Musswellbrook  Regional Art Galleries, 
Art Bank, and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Her interest in the 'feminine' has been a major focus of her work, 
and in Hill End
she has been absorbed by the ritual of serving afternoon tea in her
beautiful garden, which has resulted in many still life works.
'Gypsy Rose' is one of these evocative works. 

 A N A   Y O U N G


Ana Young's studio houses a collection of found treasures that
come together to remake and reinvent
 old and new fragments.
They merge and give a continuous source of inspiration and
challenge her drawings, paintings and sculptural installations.

The original corrugated iron shed at the back of the miners cottage
allows her interdisciplinary practice to expand and
allows for time to challenge and recreate taxidermy and found
objects, in situ drawings, Ana's memory and personal stories
merge and realign into new works.

S T E V E N  C A V A N A G H

Image from the series
' Just Breathe'

L U K E   S C I B E R R A S

G E N E V I E V E  C A R R O L L

Exhibition on at the Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre
with Janet Haslett and Julie Williams
The Long View
October 13th 2013

The Wattle Room - Bedspread of Natural History

All about the serious plight of the humble honey bee.

H A E F L I G E R S   C O T T A G E
part of the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
Residency Program

Artist  in residence is
H E L E N   E A R L

M U R R A Y S   C O T T A G E
Donald Friend, Russell Drysdale and Margaret Olley's
Part of the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
Artist in residence program

Artist in residence
K A T H  F R I E S

J U L I E   W I L L I A M S 

 Currently exhibiting with Janet Haslett and Genevieve Carroll
at the Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre with
their exhibition 
The Long View
open till 13th October

J A N E T  H A S L E T T

Currently exhibiting with
Julie Williams and Genevieve Carroll
at the
Dubbo Western Plains Cultural Centre
 till the 13th October

The Long View

B I L L  M O S E L E Y

M A R K   B O O T H

R E B E C C A   W I L S O N

Bec's studio is located on her Bridle Track property, nestled under the white box
with a view of the roos and what ever else may wander past throughtout
the day or night!

Having grown up in Forbes, studied in Sydney at the National Art School and College of Fine Arts
and lived in Asia she now enjoys life back in the country side of Hill End where
she met and fell in love with a local jack of all trades who adds a new
dimension to her life.

Currently she teaches design at Bathurst TAFE and is preparing works for
her next exhibition.

Her work has been exhibited and sold in Asia and Australia and although her
favourite medium is painting, she has exhibited photographs, sculpture,
drawings and prints since 1998 and has recently
had written work published.

L I N O  A L V A R E Z


La Paloma Pottery
will be open 

Lino and his wife Kim Deacon 
have created a beautiful environment in
their ceramic studio.
They have collaborated with some of
Australia's well known artists such as
John Olsen, Gary Shead, Elisabeth Cummings
and Euan Macleod.

 Kim has been selected to participate in
this years 
Wirksworth Festival in England.


Post-cyclone detritus
by Maggy Todd

Part of you lies amongst the flotsam and jetsam - 
post-cyclone detritus on a wind-swept beach

A flipper; your limb torn from its ball-joint mooring
no longer will you be heaving your unwieldy bulk
above the high-tide to ponderously dig your nest -
laying four score or more eggs
tears of exhaustion streaming over your leather cheeks
mouth snapping open in a silent scream

How old are you? Your limb looks fresh, dappled 
and is firm to my touch

I collect thongs - always one, usually black
its mate trapped
perhaps in a mangrove buttress far to the north
and pieces of plastic, brittle and blue
ready to puncture the petrel's craw

Last-night's king tide sucked the shore clean
I think of you, Nam, swimming your endless circle
your pique carapace






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